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Successfully completed projects

1 2000-2003

Decommissioning of RA concentrate in m.5, obj41 on the floor - 8, 1m (JAVYS, a.s.)

2 2003-2005

Decommissioning of the neutralization tank at No. 7, item 41 on the floor - 8.1m (VUJE a.s., JAVYS a.s.)

3 2006

Repair of special sewerage system (stainless steel sump and grudfos pump) in house No. 6, volume 41, - 8.1m (VUJE a.s., JAVYS a.s.)

4 2007

Decommissioning of piping systems in hallway no. 109 and no. 110 v obj. 41 on the floor - 8,1m (VUJE a.s., JAVYS a.s.)

5 2008

Decommissioning - sedimentation tank decommissioning no. 17/37 in vol. 41 on the floor + 4.5 m to 0.0 m (VUJE a.s., JAVYS a.s.)

6 2009

Installation of environmental equipment for rape processing - FAME - Ústí nad Labem (Setuza, a.s.)

7 2010

Lubricant distribution, construction assembly and lubrication distribution bridge (Chemopetrol a.s., Litvínov)

8 2011

Installation of stainless steel piping systems KRaO Mochovce, Technos a.s.

9 2012

Installation of industrial gas pipelines DN25 - DN300 and gas pipeline bridge (Laverbel Czech a.s. Teplice)

10 2013-2015

Decommissioning corridor no. 201 in volume, 44/10 on the floor - 4,5 m (VUJE a.s., JAVYS a.s.)

11 2016-2017

Purification of the fuel carriage, subsequent dismantling and fragmentation, dismantling of the fuel loading machine, subsequent transport of the loading machines by the Liebherr LTM 1.500-8.1 mobile crane 80 tons and storage for fragmentation (VUJE a. S., JAVYS a.s.)

12 2018

Fragmentation and decontamination of pipes and exhausts through roof no. 32 (VUJE a.s., JAVYS a.s.)
Dismantling of the upper block thermal insulation at V1 Units 1 and 2 (ROBO Piešťany, a.s.)

13 2018-2019

High Pressure Oxygen Cutting Ring Upper Ring Reactor Ring V1 (ROBO Piešťany, a.s., Westinghouse Electric Spain)

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Successfully completed projects


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